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ChloeMorgan delivers a timeless masterpiece full of soul on the new song “Taking Me There”. The authenticity in the sound grabs you instantly, with a realness to it that makes you buy into the artistry majorly. The production is layered with smooth grooves and knocking percussion that she takes full advantage of, with a flow that is as fluid as water, and lyrically it washes over us in waves with supreme wordplay packing gems that shine for us all to enjoy this talent that is on full bloom.

ChloeMorgan’s “Taking Me There” is an incredible body of work that gives you a true experience of music that you feel every second of. Each element works in perfect harmony with the next to make one cohesive sound that you will want to keep in rotation. The production vibes, the flow is on point, and lyrically it’s on another plateau to make us all take notice of this rising talent.