“I remember when I was a little girl, I would visit my Uncle Doug, who was like a father to me, and he would often ask me to play a record on his record player. Sometimes there are seeds sown in us from a young age, that may flourish lateron” It all started at the beginning of 2015 when Chloe was in the UK after hitting a rock bottom in her life, that her mother encouraged her to learn to DJ.

“Sometimes everything needs to come crashing down to be rebuilt again” and that’s exactly what happened…Chloe’s mum bought her a DJ controller for her birthday at the start of the year, “I had a vision, so I bought a microphone to go with my DJ controller and decided I was going to learn to DJ while singing at the same time!” Chloe recalls.

Chloe began training herself to DJ at home every day and night and began to approach clubs after only two months of learning. Chloe began to work the DJ circuits in Essex and worked alongside other DJ’s to learn more skills.

Chloe decided to fly to Vancouver, Canada for the summer of 2015, where immediately she began booking shows, showcasing her singing and DJ skills. After the summer ended, returning back to the UK, Chloe was determined to go back as she could see the doors were opening there for her. Chloe stayed true to her goals and came back to Vancouver just in time for the New Years Eve at the end of 2015, which she celebrated into 2016 DJing at the Shark Club. From that moment on Chloe’s DJ career took off and she became full time in her profession!

From performing in restaurants, bars and clubs, Chloe has also worked with well known brands and organizations such as Ferrari, Omega Watches, YPO Vancouver, Levi’s, BC Women’s Hospital just to name a few and performed at high profile shows regularly throughout the past few years.

Chloe has performed in the city and over the province for events such as the Honda Celebration of Lights, Black Hills Estate, YPO EDGE Conferences, Splash Gala, Canucks Autism Conference at Rogers Arena just to name a few.

Chloe has also opened for big acts such as Kelly Clarkson, Chantal Kreviazuk and the after-show party for Coldplay.

Chloe has introduced and branded a new unique style as a DJ into the industry, merging her live vocals & instrumentation into her DJ sets with genres from Dance, House, Funk, Soul, R&B, Hip Hop, Old School and her own original music. Creating something truly extraordinary and original, giving her audience an unparalleled music experience.


Friday, November 17 @ 10pm-12am - Bar None Night Club (Uptown Fridays) - Vancouver, BC
Friday, December 22 @ 10pm-12am - Bar None Night Club (Uptown Fridays) - Vancouver, BC