Chloé Morgan born in London, England, is an entertainer to the core; singing, acting, dancing and playing musical instruments from 5 years of age. Music and entertainment has always been her passion.

As a youth, Chloé was awarded a scholarship to acclaimed “London Studios Centre” performing arts college, which cultivated and sculpted her passion giving her talent a strong foundation. Through her ambition and drive and insatiable desire to share her gift with the world came many opportunities. One of which was the hit British reality show, Popstars: The Rivals. From her experience and exposure on the show, the contacts she made led to her signing a major record deal as part of girl group “Clea” with industry powerhouse Warner Brothers in 2002.

The group toured the UK as supporting act to “Daniel Beddingfield” and boy band “Blue” and performed on many radio and television programs. Chloé acquired the skills she needed to take her to the next level, and decided to pursue a solo career. Travelling internationally, performing, recording and songwriting in the studio, Chloé has a musical backbone that has been recognized with some of the most renowned names in the industry such as Chaka Khan and The McCrary’s, who she had the opportunity to work with.

Chloé expanded her skills, where she trained in the UK as a DJ, working the club circuits in Essex and London and was part of DJ’s world famous team “Hillsong London” at the start of her DJ career.

Chloé moved to Vancouver, Canada where her career advanced becoming a high profile singer and DJ in the city. Chloé has introduced and branded a new unique style as a DJ into the industry, merging her live vocals & instrumentation into her DJ sets with genres from Dance, House, Funk, Soul, R&B, Hip Hop, Old School and her original music.
Creating something truly extraordinary and original, giving her audience an unparalleled music experience.

Chloé has worked with well known brands and organizations such as Ferrari, Omega Watches, YPO Vancouver, Levi’s, BC Women’s Hospital just to name a few and has performed at high profile shows regularly throughout the past few years.

Chloé’s dedication and consistency lead her to win a Golden Owl Award for “Breakout DJ of The Year” at the end of 2017.

Chloé began recording and producing her own new music, releasing her first song as a DJ “The Other Side” in 2018, alongside a music video that was shot in Los Angeles, California.

Building relationships, Chloé travelled a lot to Los Angeles releasing a Coachella mix with entertainment entrepreneur O’Neal McKnight and made appearances on one of the biggest digital radio platforms in the world “Dash Radio”.

In 2019 Chloé gave birth to a beautiful daughter Aamani Dream McCrary, who she is raising in Vancouver, Canada. “Having my baby girl has made me more determined to succeed in all I do as I have someone else to think of not just myself. Aamani has made me an all round better human and has taught me so much” says Chloé “She is truly my greatest blessing”

At the start of 2021 during the midst of the pandemic, Chloé created a Digital Show called “Celebration For Life”. Leading up to the show just before her birthday, Chloé’s Grandmother passed, which then inspired the meaning behind the show giving it greater purpose. The message and name was the result of Chloé turning the pain into something beautiful instead. The show debuted on March 27, 2021 and was a success!

Shortly after, Chloé followed the story of over one million pounds being raised for a young baby “Azaylia Diamond Cain” with an aggressive form of Leukaemia in the UK and was inspired to dedicate the next show in her memory. "'Celebration For Life' is about bringing joy and elevation to people through these challenging times," Chloé says. The show was also in support of BC Children's Hospital Foundation.

Chloé also dedicated her time during the pandemic to write and create new music and on August 10, 2021 (in honour of Azaylia’s birthday) released her 1st single “Stars” from upcoming album, gaining great traction from press, radio and reaching over 500K streams across platforms. “Stars” was then followed by a soft-soul anthem pop single “Taking Me There” at the beginning of 2022 and a REMIX of the record a few months later. Chloé then dropped the music video for the original song on the 1 year anniversary of “Stars” single release, garnering over 100K streams on YouTube.

Shortly after the release of “Stars” in October 2021, Chloé scored her first monthly Radio Show “Vibes 4 U” on djradio.ca an iHeart radio station, where she DJ’ed and hosted special guests and live music. The show ran for 1 full year and Chloé decided to feature “Clea” her former girlband on the final show, which lead to a reunion with the group in the UK in October 2022. On announcement of the group meeting, they were contacted and booked by one of the UK’s biggest festival’s “Mighty Hoopla” with their debut comeback performance in June 3 2023!

Needless to say Chloé will have a lot to juggle in the new year between her solo career as it continues to evolve with new music releases and videos on the way and also gearing up for her debut show with “Clea” which already has built a buzz and excitement from past and present fans.
We can expect a lot more to come from Chloé as her evolution as an artist continues to transcend into a higher dimension, more love, positivity, and all-around musical growth.




Chloe Morgan, a full-time content creator and an award-winning DJ, talks about her journey and shares her journey from overcoming eating disorders to launching her first solo music video.
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