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People love being in control, but sometimes, all that power can get to your head. If you’re planning a dance party or event, and you’re controlling the playlist, you might play the same old songs on repeat, making everyone else feel bored. Even worse, you might choose the wrong song for the event, leading to embarrassing moments.

We often like the feeling of being in control of the music at any event, but it can end up backfiring and giving obstructive results. Here’s why it might be better to book top-of-the-line festival DJ services instead:

Different tastes in music

Imagine you’re in charge of choosing and playing the music at an event. You excitedly create the ‘perfect’ playlist to impress all your guests, but when the event starts, you notice that nobody seems to be enjoying the music or dancing. They might even seem annoyed. What’s happening?

You probably got too focused on curating the perfect playlist without considering other people’s music tastes. It’s more important to choose songs that will make everyone dance and allow them to have a great time than to choose songs that you like on a personal level. Everyone has a different taste in music, and nobody can enjoy dancing to a genre of music that they don’t even like.

Limited songs

You might underestimate the length of the event and create a playlist that’s way too short to last until the end, forcing you to loop the tracks. However, playing the same songs over and over is going to get annoying for your guests and the energy on the dance floor is going to eventually disappear. It’s important to keep things interesting while mixing and matching different songs to keep everyone involved.

Just because you might not mind listening to your favorite songs on repeat, doesn’t mean that everyone else at the event shares your views. Make sure that you have more than enough songs on your playlist, so that you can even skip through low-energy songs that seem to bore the people on the dance floor.

Lack of awareness

If you’re planning a party and are overseeing the music for guests who are in a vastly different age demographic than you, it’s important to educate yourself about their preferences. It’s highly likely that people above the age of 40 don’t want to listen to Cardi B or Doja Cat. Make sure that your music selection is well-researched and reflects the needs and tastes of the people who are attending the event. Don’t be afraid of taking song requests!

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