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Creating a good playlist isn’t as easy as throwing your favorite songs together and calling it a day. It’s important to maintain a seamless flow as the songs switch to ensure that the music is easy to listen to, connect with, and dance to. Playing an ‘80s rock and roll song right after a soulful ballad is just going to leave your audience feeling confused.

DJ artists are usually rather skilled at creating a seamless flow between songs. Here’s how you can achieve this feat as well!

Figure out your goals


It’s important to figure out what you’re trying to communicate with your playlist. Are you creating a playlist for yourself? Then you need to know how you’re feeling at the moment, what you’re going through right now, and whether you’re trying to highlight your current mood or get away from it.

Playlists can help you connect to a specific feeling, so it’s essential to be aware of the feeling that you’re trying to enhance. It’s also important if you’re making a playlist for others—a chill playlist for the family barbeque will be different from the one you’d play on a road trip with your friends. Get to know your audience!

Select a theme


If you’re making a playlist for an event, you need to understand the theme. Consider your audience’s age and preferred music style. There are many ways to create an amazing playlist with songs that cater to a wide range of age groups, but it can be difficult if the music itself is too varied. You can even section your playlist according to different types of groups at your event! Overall, try to stick to one particular style of music to keep things cohesive.

Consider the tempo


You need to consider your playlist’s tempo if you really want to make your playlist flow. It’s okay to maintain a relaxed tempo if you’re creating a more casual playlist for background sounds, but if you’re planning on getting your attendees up and on their feet on the dancefloor, it’s best to start off slow and build up the tempo. You don’t need to start off with weaker tracks; just kick off the playlist with some songs that everyone knows to create a relaxed tempo.

You can also find the beats per minute of many songs on the internet to gauge your playlist’s tempo!

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