Chloé Morgan reunites with
former Girl band “Clea”

Before Chloé became an International DJ, she was part of “Clea” her former UK girl band from the early 2000’s!

They met on Popstars: The Rivals TV show and after signed a major record deal with Warner Music offshoot "1967 Records" and performed on many TV and radio shows in the UK and big stages alongside many major artists. They also toured the UK as the opening act for major acts such as Blue and Daniel Beddingfield!!
Clea released “Download It” charting at number 21 and “Stuck In The Middle” charting at number 23 in the UK charts.

The girls announced a reunion meet up in London, England in October 2022 and shortly after were contacted and booked by Mighty Hoopla to perform their debut reunion show at the festival June 3, 2023!


Check out the interview
with Clea on Vibes 4 U.

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