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ChloeMorgan presents her second Celebration For Life online dance party June 5

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ChloeMorgan: Celebration For Life: ’80s/’90s

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When: June 5, at noon and 7:30 p.m.

Former girl-group singer ChloeMorgan brings fresh DJ skills to online dance parties

Where: Online

Tickets: $20 at

ChloeMorgan is a Vancouver-based singer-turned-DJ who relocated here from the U.K. 17 years ago. Since COVID, she has taken her spinning skills online, where she and a group of technicians and dancers re-create a clubby dance party over Zoom. We talked to Morgan about her early girl-group experience, learning to DJ, and her upcoming ’80s and ’90s-themed online Celebration For Life dance party.

Q: How did you come to be in Vancouver?

A: I was part of a girl group called Clea that was on a British reality show called Pop Stars: The Rivals. We made it to the finals, but not to the final group. From that, we got signed by Warner Brothers and we recorded an album. We filmed the video for the first single in Vancouver, and I ended up meeting somebody on set and came over here to be with that person.

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Q: When did you begin your DJ career?

A: I went back to the U.K. in 2015 and I was really determined to learn something new within music. I play the piano, as well and write songs and sing. So I learned how to DJ. I was selling solar panels as well, and on my breaks I would come back and record and mix. I started booking gigs a couple of months later. It took off in 2016, and I went from working in bars, clubs, restaurants, and parties in people’s homes, to bigger events here in Vancouver like the Canucks Autism Network at Rogers Arena. And I did a lot of work with charity. My heart is definitely in that realm. At the end of 2018, I was DJ-ing full-time, and then COVID hit and I lost every gig.

Q: This is your second virtual dance party. What inspired you to start doing them?

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A: I wanted to bring people into a space where they could be uplifted and elevated during these challenging times. People weren’t able to go out, dance and have fun, so I wanted to provide the opportunity of bringing that joy into people’s living rooms.

Q: Why did you decide to pre-record instead of do a livestream?

A: Production value. There are a lot of moving parts and all kinds of technical components that would be too much of a risk going live. We are creating an experience that is fully entertaining for the viewer to watch again and again.

Q: The show features not just you DJ-ing, but also some dancers. Where did you find them?

A: I trained in ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, modern, contemporary, and so I already had a passion for dancing. I knew a lot of dancers from being out here and taking classes. I was looking for dancers and found them on Instagram, and I interviewed them first. Most of the time, you can learn anything, and if you’ve got talent you can grow talent. However, what I really look for is somebody with heart and passion.

Q: Why did you decide to donate half of the proceeds from the show to the B.C. Children’s Hospital Foundation?

A: While we were rehearsing, I came across this story of an eight-month-old baby who had passed away from leukaemia (Azaylia Cain, daughter of U.K. soccer player and reality TV star Ashley Cain). Being a mom myself, her death touched me deeply, and seeing how courageous this family was added to that. They are radiating positivity although they’re going through hell. I was crying every day for two weeks. We have to give back. Any child suffering is not fair.

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